About Neville Berkowitz

45-year background as an entrepreneur and adviser, locally and globally.

I established Neville Berkowitz and Associates, Consulting Real Estate Economists, in 1977. I have over 45 years of experience in various real estate specialities, locally and globally, across numerous industries.

Future-proofing assessments of tenants’ businesses are integral to real estate investment and development.

As an investor, developer, and adviser to investors and developers across the spectrum from individuals to Institutions, I have investigated, assessed, and, when called upon, advised on future-proofing all types and sizes of tenants in industries across economies.

Before I retired from the global stage due to family commitments, Neville Berkowitz Global Associates operated in 17 countries on five continents from 1992-2007. My Global Associates were project specific.

Among our projects, during 2001-2007, we created, ResearchWorldwide.com. This website became a Google No. 1 ranked global commercial real estate research information portal.

I have specialized in research and forecasting as a local and global real estate economist, strategist, and advisor; institutional investment and development advisor; negotiator; developer; investor; entrepreneur; business advisor; and future-proofing expert.

I have suitably experienced Associates as part of my Future Proofing Team.

I was a pioneer in real estate economics in South Africa. Being an independent and unbiased real estate economic commentator during 1980-1995, I was continually the ‘go-to’ expert used by the print, online, radio, and TV media. This consistent exposure developed my reputation as the No.1 Thought Leader in real estate in South Africa.

I stepped down from this unbiased and independent commentator role when I became a developer in 1995 and the real estate investment adviser and investment portfolio developer to what was then South Africa’s third-largest pension fund.
Future-proofing assessments of tenants in the investment portfolio was an essential part of this function.

I am an author and publisher. I wrote and published over 100 unbiased and independent real estate investment journals, The Property Economist, from 1980 to 1995. A large client base was developed of individuals, small business owners, corporates, institutions, and government.

In 1983, at 31, I was appointed by the Building Industry Federation of South Africa (BIFSA) to the Building Advisory Committee, reporting to The Office of the Prime Minister of South Africa.

I have written 40 quarterly reports- Economic Review of South Africa and Manufacturing Review of South Africa co-published by a major national financial magazine.

I have written and published 23 free books found on my website, personalempowerment.co, which has a Facebook following of over 1.2 million.

My free book, How to Live in the Now, has a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Amazon.com from 138 Reviewers by March 2023.

Here is a free copy of How to be a Great Negotiator, which I initially wrote in 2013 for my son, Jonathan, then aged 20. I am a proud father of a highly successful son in business and as a “mensch”. Check out the market leaders in mobile marketing and advertising motionads.co.za

Using my experience of becoming the No.1 Thought Leader in real estate during 1980-1995, Jonathan and I launched WikiNotables.com in 2021. This advisory service focuses on developing No.1 Thought Leaders in their fields.

In April 2023, I launched a YouTube channel, Wise Owl Adviser, to begin sharing video excerpts of the knowledge and wisdom contained within my 30 free books on my websites, personalempowerment.co. and guidespeak.com.

A personal consultation service- WiseOwlAdviser.com, provides one-to-one advice on developing personal empowerment, managing work-related issues, business survival and prosperity, and financial and investment guidance.

At 70, I felt a calling to come out of semi-retirement to assist the most vital cog of any economy- small businesses- ensuring their survival and prosperity in the stormy times ahead through Future Proofing their businesses – SmallBusinessProsperity.com.

I believe it is better to light one candle than curse the darkness.

Facilitate Future Proofing of your Debtor Clients’ Businesses to ensure their debt payment obligations are made timeously in the turbulent times ahead.
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